Definition of untransformed in English:



  • Not having been transformed in form, appearance, or character.

    ‘untransformed rage can become a constant mantra about how oppressed we were’
    • ‘Genomic DNA from independently transformed and untransformed tissues was subjected to PCR.’
    • ‘Some of the variables exhibited moderate skewness; however, power transformations of the variables did not improve the fit of the model and therefore untransformed variables were used.’
    • ‘All analyses of the actual data were run on untransformed and log-transformed phenotype data (age of death).’
    • ‘They persist, their lives untransformed by love or loyalty or the fleeting courage they have to muster.’
    • ‘The complete absence of untransformed animals in these transformed lines suggested that these stable lines were homozygous for a chromosomal insertion of the transforming plasmid.’
    • ‘Nobody remains untransformed by this contact, not displaced Native Americans, not enslaved Africans, and not even the apparent conquerors, the European colonists.’
    • ‘However, the capacity of sucrose unloading in 23 DAA fruit, a point at which SuSy activity is maximal in untransformed fruit, was not significantly decreased in the antisense SuSy plants compared to controls.’
    • ‘The transformed roots are morphologically indistinguishable from untransformed roots and, in the case of legumes, they can be nodulated by Rhizobium bacteria and infected by mycorrhizal fungi.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, incubation of leaf discs with cysteine increased glutathione contents substantially in untransformed and transformed poplars, particularly in the light, suggesting that cysteine supply remains a key limitation.’
    • ‘The dissolution of the USSR, however, prompted the Air Force to build a small B-2 force and retain untransformed, nonstealthy manned bombers.’
    • ‘In parenchyma cells, the contents of hexoses remained unchanged while sucrose content decreased only slightly in transformed tubers compared to untransformed tubers.’
    • ‘First, they contained variable proportions of transformed and untransformed nuclei because protoplasts are often plurinucleate.’
    • ‘We log transformed measures of population size and fitness except for proportions, which underwent an angular transformation, and offspring seed production, which remained untransformed.’
    • ‘The second is the scene in which the panel of experts meticulously details all the physical shortcomings each untransformed woman has.’
    • ‘The use of untransformed data for multiplicative fitness traits induces positive bias in the estimates of up to 50% for the ratio estimate when there are many segregating deleterious mutations per individual.’
    • ‘The anesthetic sensitivities of transformed and untransformed siblings were measured on the same dispersal assay plates simultaneously.’
    • ‘They suggest that untransformed measures of client size may provide an upper boundary to the estimate of market concentration.’
    • ‘We performed principal components analysis on the untransformed data using the correlation matrix, thus weighting all variables equally.’
    • ‘Proportions were arcsine transformed, although untransformed means are presented.’
    • ‘By removing pyruvate and uridine supplementation from the culture media, untransformed cells are removed, while the transformed individual cybrid cells expand.’