Definition of untrainable in English:



  • See untrained

    • ‘If you really think you're so untrainable or clumsy that you can't off-safe a gun like this, get the decocker-only version, or a double action only ‘slickslide’ variation with no lever at all.’
    • ‘When you get to that stage you have a dog that is virtually untrainable, because he's too scared to try anything new.’
    • ‘Beth, who comes from the bloodline of a former Derby winner, was written off as untrainable by her former owner and was barely approachable in the stables.’
    • ‘Certainly, my thumbs seem innately untrainable to the gymnastics allowing the mobile generation to manipulate increasingly miniature keypads with ease.’
    • ‘There are so many untrainable people in key positions that have contributed to the present state of our country.’