Definition of untraced in English:



  • Not found or discovered by investigation.

    ‘patients with untraced records’
    • ‘A total of 18,326 people were recorded as missing and 126 of these remain untraced to this day.’
    • ‘Roughly half of it is handed over to the Motor Insurers' Bureau which compensates victims of uninsured and untraced drivers - the rest comes from the lost premiums that the uninsured drivers should have paid in the first place.’
    • ‘He remained untraced for the past few days as a team of Jharkhand police arrived in the Delhi and pasted the arrest warrant issued by the Court in connection with the 1975 Chirudih massacre on the wall of his official residence.’
    • ‘Some families have been waiting for compensation for years, as the bodies of those killed remained untraced.’
    • ‘By the end of 2001, 67 people remained untraced.’
    • ‘The bureau chief said: ‘We have a number of untraced people.’’
    • ‘The militants have also kidnapped over 2,500 persons; many are still untraced even after payment of hefty ransoms.’
    • ‘One-in-three claiming to have been hit by untraced drivers drop their claims upon investigation by the bureau - 400 dodgy claims are rooted out in the initial stages of investigation every year.’
    • ‘When we discovered that an untraced woman had married in Scotland, we repeated searches using her married name in the death register and the community health index.’
    • ‘The Christian Brothers took the case in an attempt to prevent the commission making public findings against deceased, former, incapacitated or untraced members and in cases where the passage of time was considered too great.’
    • ‘At first thousands of shares remained unclaimed or their owners untraced.’
    • ‘The MIBI cannot recover money from motorists involved in hit-and-runs if they remain untraced, but it does chase uninsured drivers for contributions to compensation costs.’
    • ‘And each time it does, it will be a poignant reminder of the life of the 19-year-old backpacker from the city murdered by an as yet untraced attacker in Australia in April.’
    • ‘Appendix-I contains a list of 839 victims who lost their lives at the hands of Punjab police, majority of them branded as un-identified terrorist and few shown disappeared and remaining untraced.’
    • ‘Yet the orchestral score and the conductor's score were still untraced.’
    • ‘The dissolution was so sudden and severe that hundreds of objects are untraced.’
    • ‘The Crown deliberately declined to object to the admissibility of documents made by witnesses who were either untraced, unavailable or dead.’
    • ‘These are cases in which victims remained untraced or the investigation was under way to establish the charge.’
    • ‘For sheer want of manpower, violators go untraced and consequently a summons is never served for small-time traffic violations.’
    • ‘At the end of 2003, the number who remained untraced was 76, similar to the previous year.’