Definition of untraceably in English:



  • See untraceable

    • ‘Anyway, the real reason I got on this track was that Bret and I were talking to Mike about how the CIA has allegedly been trafficking drugs for the past 50 years to fund illegal operations untraceably.’
    • ‘To the east, shadow-shrouded mountains rise in an untraceably complex patterns of peaks; a thousand metres below is the silent curve of the Urabamba's silk skein.’
    • ‘The notes could be altered, untraceably, at any time after they were made.’
    • ‘The question for him, assuming he wants to do this, is can he do it untraceably.’
    • ‘This was the same theme as the candy bar I tried before, and like the other one, this had only a subtle flavor of wasabi, and, almost untraceably, ginger.’