Definition of untilled in English:



  • (of land) not prepared and cultivated for crops.

    ‘the method involves planting grass on untilled soil’
    • ‘The fields south of Five Corners that had been untilled are still untilled.’
    • ‘When scouting look first in untilled areas where grasshoppers would have laid their eggs last fall.’
    • ‘They will point out that even in the settlement people are starting to make their own gardens, while others are joining them in the untilled lands.’
    • ‘He was also a child of the untamed and untilled outback where people lived quite literally on the breadline.’
    • ‘His journal comments on the comparatively depressed state of the countryside, the untilled fields, ill nourished stock, abysmal roads and poor isolated villages.’
    • ‘The farm was only 500 yards from a hard-surface road, but it appeared abandoned, with the fields untilled and the buildings poorly maintained.’
    • ‘By leaving the soil untilled, root channels remain open and new roots will follow the same channels.’
    • ‘Nor did a continued decline in the price of horses and grain seem likely at a time when the supply of untilled arable land in the United States was running out.’
    • ‘The last two rows he left as a control untilled and unfertilized.’
    • ‘A large measure of generosity - aid, medicine, a program to remove the land mines that keep Afghan fields untilled and maim Afghan children - can prolong the smiles on the faces of those liberated in the past two weeks.’
    • ‘Farmers got interested fast - but then a drought struck, and the Holland planter repeatedly broke when pulled through dry, untilled soils.’
    • ‘According to one chronicler, the land remained untilled for nine years.’
    • ‘Farmers left untilled and unplanted pathways through their fields to form roads for the passage of travelers.’
    • ‘All the crops they require spring up unsown and untilled, wheat and barley and vines with generous clusters that swell with the rain to yield wine.’
    • ‘In particular, there is a critical need to document the patterns of spatial organization of rhizobia in the rooting zones of individual plants growing in natural, untilled soil systems.’
    • ‘Monitor ditchbanks, untilled pivot corners, and other idle areas near cropland that are likely to serve as hatching beds to determine the potential for this early hatching problem.’
    • ‘He said less wildlife is lost to the mower blades and more find stable habitat in grazed and untilled fields.’
    • ‘He decided to till again, but left a 40'-wide strip of untilled rye.’
    • ‘‘The concept that untilled soil will turn to rock-hard clay is only true if there are too few worms, and too much compacting of the soil by the wheels of heavy tractors and harvesters,’ he said.’
    • ‘They found tire pressure to be more uniform on tilled soils than on untilled clay soils.’
    uncultivated, unploughed, unplanted, unsown, unseeded, unused, undeveloped, dormant, resting, empty, bare, virgin
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