Definition of untie in English:


verbuntied, untying, unties

[with object]
  • Undo or unfasten (something that is tied or tied up)

    ‘she knelt to untie her laces’
    ‘Morton untied the parcel’
    • ‘He picked up the small parcel and untied the string around it.’
    • ‘Nelson has something with shoelaces; he enjoys untying everybody's shoelaces to annoy them.’
    • ‘His hands slipped behind my ears and untied my blindfold.’
    • ‘He pulled off the ribbon, carefully untying the bow so as not to damage it and pulled away the tissue paper from a small plastic case, and he knew from the company logo embossed on the lid that the box contained a watch.’
    • ‘As soon as it's tied, I untie and unwrap it again, and set it down on the pedestal.’
    • ‘When she wishes to punish anyone she gives them a basket of one hundred pairs of shoes all with the laces tied in a hundred tight knots and makes them sit and untie every one.’
    • ‘She stood up and began untying the binds to her dress.’
    • ‘Finally, she untied the knot and let the dress tumble to a pile at her feet.’
    • ‘My current shoelaces haven't been untied for at least a year and are getting a bit ragged, so I thought it was time for some new ones.’
    • ‘He reaches down and starts untying her other bootlace and gently pulling her boots and socks off, massaging her feet and ankles as he does.’
    • ‘Princess Grace, ever so carefully, untied the golden silk cords to the snow white carrying cloth, in which her dagger was kept.’
    • ‘‘You know, they really shouldn't torture you,’ said the girl who had finished untying the first of three knots.’
    • ‘She is the largest and nicest doll I have ever had, but I will never undress her or untie the red ribbons under her chin.’
    • ‘Leanne grinned and obeyed, untying the floppy pink bow, and lifting the lid off the box slowly.’
    • ‘She untied the bloodstained black bandana from his neck.’
    • ‘I quickly untied the rope that was bound around her body, then worked on her hands and ankles.’
    • ‘I untied the red ribbon that bound the black box and excitedly opened the lid to find a gorgeous strand of delicate, white diamonds.’
    • ‘He quickly untied the cord that held the dress in place.’
    • ‘They clambered into the little wooden boat and she instructed her to carefully begin untying the knot that secured her side of the boat.’
    • ‘Jim untied the rope that was fastened to it and lit it.’
    undo, unknot, unbind, unfasten, unwrap, unlace, untether, unfetter, unhitch, unmoor
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Old English untīgan (see un-, tie).