Definition of untidiness in English:



  • See untidy

    • ‘Regular vegging out is your most vital survival technique - the universe won't implode if you don't finish your must-do list, and untidiness doesn't compromise your immune system.’
    • ‘I thought that untidiness and dirtiness were the characteristics of cities in some underdeveloped country of the past, like Calcutta, Bombay, Rio de Janeiro or elsewhere, but not here in Australia.’
    • ‘Over-carrying, picking the ball of the ground, rash shooting, frees taken too quickly and players following the ball, instead of holding their positions, all contributed to the untidiness of the proceedings.’
    • ‘There was some untidiness in side streets and side areas which, with the view to your entry for 2006 you might discuss with appropriate owners and residents.’
    • ‘Those worried about untidiness should try living next to a landfill site with the lorries, dust, seagulls, smells, ground water pollution and health risks that go with it.’