Definition of unthrifty in English:



  • 1Not using money and other resources carefully; wasteful.

    ‘playing those machines was a worldly unthrifty activity not to be indulged in’
    • ‘The vocabulary of generating and creating jobs out of unthrifty behavior sounds to noneconomists tough and prudential and quantitative.’
    • ‘In this unthrifty off-season, ‘steal’ isn't the proper word to use, but the few reasonable deals stand out as bargains.’
    • ‘That's all well and good, but the thing would cost some unthrifty soul at least $3,000.’
    • ‘He failed in his malting business, was unthrifty and careless with money, and had, in fact, no liking for, or ability in, any business except politics.’
    spendthrift, thriftless, wasteful, prodigal, profligate, extravagant, squandering, uneconomical, free-spending, lavish, immoderate, excessive
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  • 2dialect, archaic (of livestock or plants) not strong and healthy.

    ‘worms can cause intestinal problems, weight loss, and unthrifty coat’
    • ‘Such unthrifty Shih Tzu puppies may respond positively to a few milliliters of raw liver juice fed daily for their first few weeks.’
    • ‘This shortens the life of blooms and makes the violet unthrifty.’
    • ‘Remove and burn plants with knotted roots or unthrifty plants with extensive root decay.’
    • ‘Symptoms may not be dramatic early in the spring; plants may just look slightly yellow and appear unthrifty.’
    • ‘Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint resulting in a unthrifty fit between the head of the femur bone and the hip socket, in which the femoral head normally lies.’