Definition of unthreatening in English:



  • Not having a hostile or frightening quality or manner.

    ‘a quiet and unthreatening place’
    • ‘As well as being keen to earn another biscuit, Crumbs was an unthreatening dog who was good with people - essential qualities for a dog working in the crowded environment of airports, she said.’
    • ‘If you can now go and sit with your friends and have a coffee in a comfortable, open and unthreatening environment then younger people and more women may well be tempted in.’
    • ‘Their second goal, just after the break, owed more to individual skill than the first, with Gary collecting the ball in an unthreatening midfield position, running into space and drilling in a 25-yard shot.’
    • ‘Here and now, a tremendous variety of people, each with his or her own set of extraordinary stories, coexists in a relatively unthreatening environment.’
    • ‘America's Blink 182 are rude and foulmouthed and loutish, but still entirely unthreatening and immaculately tailored to appeal to a teen audience.’
    • ‘Edinburgh is a city of 450,000 people; Festival visitors, who are all well-intentioned and unthreatening, last year numbered half a million, spread over three weeks - not on one day.’
    • ‘He is one of Britain's most well-loved actors, best known for unthreatening, mildly eccentric roles in television sitcoms like The Good Life and Ever Decreasing Circles.’
    • ‘He tells me single thirty-something women like it here because it's unthreatening, it's good fun and they love the music (which ranges from Abba to Dean Martin to Elvis to music from The Jungle Book).’
    • ‘This totemic commitment was designed to make Labour seem cuddly and unthreatening, but has already been breached by the increase in national insurance in the 2002 budget - a rise in income tax in all but name.’
    • ‘The overseas campaign aims to reassure potential holidaymakers that Ireland has a pleasant and unthreatening environment in which there are plenty of things to do and that to the Americans in particular that Ireland is safe to visit.’
    • ‘Runaround's rough-and-ready approach would probably be considered too much for modern audiences, who seem to like their presenters as unthreatening and child-like as possible.’
    • ‘It is a familiar sombreness, unthreatening but omniscient, like the dour old man in the corner, terrifying the children with his dark warnings, but thrilling to approach, to reach towards with a tentative hand.’
    • ‘The mission is to ‘bring art to the people in an unthreatening and seductive manner’.’
    • ‘The bamboo reacted benignly, growing replacements in a most unthreatening manner and generally seeming to know its place.’
    • ‘This truism is unthreatening to Worldly America, not least because so many of its people, in the crowded cities, are themselves products of the old-new ways of Korea, Japan, Ireland or Italy.’
    • ‘He sounds quite apologetic as he describes it, but somehow you feel he is glad to be back from cute, unthreatening song-and-dance land, and prowling once more as alpha male on altogether darker terrain.’
    • ‘From an apparently unthreatening position, 30 yards out on the left, he spotted a gap and promptly fired the ball into the top left corner of the goal.’
    • ‘And the unthreatening image of the social worker who keeps families together is designed to tackle head-on the myth of the malevolent, child-snatching meddler that is all too prevalent in the public imagination.’
    • ‘The people here did not form themselves into raging packs; they were individual creatures who spoke quietly and moved in a slow, unthreatening manner.’
    • ‘But I can see why ITC Garamond lives on: it's easy, consistent, and unthreatening, a sort of typographic Velveeta.’