Definition of unthread in English:



[with object]
  • 1Take (a thread) out of a needle.

    • ‘Unthread the needle and tie a fat knot in the end of the thread.’
    • ‘I removed the needle from my sash, and unthreaded the blue string looped through its eye.’
    1. 1.1 Remove (an object) from a thread, chain, etc.
      ‘Meredith was unthreading his monocle from its ribbon’
      • ‘Loosen the screw clamps on the hose fittings or unthread the pipe fittings and disconnect the waste line from the plumbing system.’
      • ‘One end of this bridle is connected to the release and it then unthreads from a ring on the towline upon release actuation.’
      • ‘I think I'll unthread the bracelet and use some of the chips in a new talisman, use the rest in jewellery to sell.’
      • ‘Just shrugging off the shoulder harness saves you unthreading holster, magazine pouch, and whatnot off one belt and re-assembling them later on a dry pair of pants.’
      • ‘In a certain sense all of the theoretical explanations of science, the weft that holds the tapestry together, are hypotheses, and to unthread one section risks destroying the entire fabric.’
      • ‘She stood and with his help the chains were pulled from the ground and unthreaded from her shackles, leaving her only in a pair of cuffs.’