Definition of unthinking in English:



  • Expressed, done, or acting without proper consideration of the consequences.

    ‘she was at pains to correct unthinking prejudices’
    • ‘Every Western intervention is automatic and unthinking, it seems, except a human rights intervention.’
    • ‘Pearls of wisdom leave our mouths every day in an unthinking and mechanical manner.’
    • ‘I hope this ends any disturbing talk I've seen about the blogosphere about Andy being the unthinking woman's bit of crumpet.’
    • ‘He adapts with unthinking haste, an instinct that serves him well in front of goal.’
    • ‘It makes you an unthinking automaton, who will rapidly be shunned by society for your heartless or underwhelming response to everything.’
    • ‘Communal disharmony, not spiritual harmony, might seem more desirable to secure the unthinking loyalty of the faithful.’
    • ‘When it comes to blind and unthinking prejudice masquerading as nationalism you can always rely on the lunar right to see eye to eye with the loopy left.’
    • ‘There would have been much to astonish a young Ligurian at that time, many opportunities for outrage, defensive bigotry or unthinking prejudice.’
    • ‘What they are about is unthinking mass movement versus individual thoughts and actions.’
    • ‘Fourthly, there are those who protest out of some kind of violent instinct, who find pleasure in unthinking acts of fury.’
    • ‘‘We're not all unthinking stereotypes just because we've got older,’ she points out.’
    • ‘Enjoyment became an imperative, expense was no object and she embraced unthinking pleasure with an enthusiasm that bordered on the frenetic.’
    • ‘They are against unthinking and uncontrolled globalisation.’
    • ‘For years, she'd entertained an unthinking prejudice against everyone who used them.’
    • ‘There are no agencies over here to help unthinking people get their unwisely spent money back.’
    • ‘These unthinking and careless actions by the Premier did no more than to incite and inflame thus creating more danger for those police officers.’
    • ‘Whether you agree with him or not, his motives for acting are clearly not unthinking loyalty to the US or sycophancy to a superpower.’
    • ‘None of the foregoing is to suggest that I expect you to behave like an unthinking, insensitive automaton in responding to my request for your help.’
    • ‘Even automatic, unthinking actions are to a degree socially-conditioned, as Pavlov and Skinner have demonstrated.’
    • ‘This was his home, and Alexander had been foolish and unthinking to forbid him access to it.’
    thoughtless, inconsiderate, uncaring, heedless, unmindful, regardless, insensitive, injudicious, blundering, uncharitable, unkind
    absent-minded, heedless, thoughtless, unmindful, careless, injudicious, ill-advised, ill-considered, imprudent, unwise, foolish, silly, stupid, reckless, rash, precipitate, negligent, neglectful, remiss
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