Definition of untether in English:



[with object]
  • Release or free from a tether.

    ‘I reached the horses and untethered them’
    • ‘Those troops act as a big security blanket for Seoul and Tokyo, and the last thing China wants is for either of those countries to be untethered from the U.S. security embrace.’
    • ‘The conventional wisdom scorns him for untethering punishment from individual wrongdoing.’
    • ‘Fuel cells, high-power batteries, fiber batteries and other power technologies are about to transform mobile computing, essentially untethering it completely from the need to plug-in.’
    • ‘Basements have always been figured as licentious kinds of spaces - from Frankenstein and Freddy Krueger to Freud and Bachelard - in which the unconscious is untethered and where strange experiments take place.’
    • ‘The horses frequently become untethered and roam onto the road and on Sunday a gang of local youths were baiting the animals, throwing stones and scaring them.’
    • ‘Even once such phrases began to get untethered from their precise technical moorings, they retained the power to invoke product superiority.’
    • ‘His decision to amend Article 76 of the constitution has untethered civil society and set in motion a chain reaction has yet to be fully played out.’
    • ‘But at the very least, tai chi should calm and energize you by untethering you from cell phones, traffic, and what he calls ‘the internal chatter of the busy mind.’’
    • ‘With the storm on our doorstep, events like the ‘Culture Forum’ are an opportunity for people to untether firmly held beliefs and if not change opinions at least create a sympathy to opinions that are different.’
    • ‘He untethered one of the horses that had been tied up and lifted me up onto it.’
    • ‘I'm no expert when it comes to sailing, but I'm told a boat is adrift when it fails to tack to the wind, is overloaded on one side (in this case, portside), or is untethered from its anchor.’
    • ‘He untethered his horse from the pole it was tied to and mounted it.’
    • ‘Apple Airport Express untethers the base-station: just plug it in and wait for the light to turn green’
    • ‘He withdrew from writing and production for an intangible revolution of mind, untethering his old life and leaving it far behind.’
    • ‘A few returned each day to feed the cattle which could not be left untethered because much of the area is heavily mined.’
    • ‘Gateway has untethered a Pentium 4 desktop in the UK.’
    • ‘Imagine how such capabilities could untether you from an office, enabling you to handle your work responsibilities and still get to your child's ball game.’
    • ‘This meant that the system had to be untethered, so the patient could work, be ambulatory, and carry on normal daily functions, without being permanently attached to any kind of external control system or console.’
    • ‘And the evidence is already clear that on key elements of his case for war, his declarations were untethered from intelligence assessments.’
    • ‘If the spinal cord is surgically untethered soon after these symptoms begin, a child should return to his or her usual level of functioning.’
    undo, open, detach, disconnect, remove, untie, unbutton, unzip, loose, loosen, free, separate, disengage, disjoin, uncouple, unwrap, unbind, unhook, unlace, unhitch, unlock, unbolt
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