Definition of Untermensch in English:



  • A person considered racially or socially inferior.

    • ‘Her specialty was forging identification cards to assist in smuggling Jews and other Untermenschen out of the Netherlands.’
    • ‘They saw the extermination of Jews and other Untermenschen as an awful, but necessary, task on the road to a better world.’
    • ‘The Germans still regard Italians as Untermenschen, fit to run a neighborhood pizzeria, but not to have an equal say in the future of Europe.’
    • ‘The camp provided the Germans tautological proof of the necessity of imprisoning Untermenschen: the disgusting state of the Haftlinge of Auschwitz demonstrated their inferiority and justified their murder.’
    • ‘He knew it to be a gamble, and it is significant that the ‘final Solution’, the systematic extermination of the Untermenschen, was not implemented until he had made this highest-of-stakes throw of the dice.’


German, literally ‘underperson’.