Definition of untended in English:



  • Not cared for or looked after; neglected.

    ‘untended gravestones’
    • ‘Thousands of acres of rubber trees were left untapped and untended, as the ruling price then could not meet even the labour cost.’
    • ‘At one three-way junction on the outskirts, there is the familiar and pure chaos that results when such junctions are left untended and unsignalled.’
    • ‘An untended lawn looks out of control in a week, with sprouts a foot tall, and trees can reach 60 feet within a decade.’
    • ‘The Blunt family home was a large, ramshackle house with an untended and brambly garden.’
    • ‘Now, they lie like dead giants, with grass growing untended on their grounds and paint peeling from their great walls.’
    • ‘Left untended, many plants have collapsed among weeds.’
    • ‘Brambles, gorse and broom rapidly overtake untended ground and soon create an impenetrable terrain - ideal habitat for furtive species such as the wild boar and Iberian wolf which survive here.’
    • ‘The council now needs to restore the allotments earmarked for the extension, which had been left untended in anticipation of planning consent.’
    • ‘Reluctant to leave all that is familiar behind them, nervous about leaving their home untended, but joyful at the thought of a reunion they long for, you decide to make the journey.’
    • ‘Patches of earth are being left to ferment, overlooked and untended.’
    • ‘Stand still long enough and you'll likely become part of the landscape yourself, quickly covered with the rampant ivy creeper that drapes itself like an emerald dustsheet over every untended acre.’
    • ‘While some front gardens are overgrown, untended and filled with litter, others are carefully looked after with window boxes, flowers in bloom and neatly trimmed hedges.’
    • ‘If you are lucky enough to find her house, and then a parking space on the narrow road, you will be greeted by a thicket of untended bushes and misshapen trees that obscure the entrance to the path that winds around the house to her studio.’
    • ‘That means that dangerous stretches of track are being allowed to go untended.’
    • ‘I have the impression that those on the garage have been left completely untended since they were applied some forty-seven years ago.’
    • ‘‘Rock gardens should look untended and exude a careless beauty’, he says.’
    • ‘There is also a health and safety issue on these sites, many of which are now untended and which inevitably will draw youngsters as a consequence and carry their own risks.’
    • ‘Just around the corner of my street, the mechanical laughter of California quail and the quarrel of crows up in the majestic heights of a Colorado spruce that was left to grow, untended for years now.’
    • ‘The activity was highly unusual as the barricaded street leading to her house has been left untended since her house arrest began.’
    • ‘But she says the golf course will be ruined after being untended for at least a year, and the Halls Bowling Club captain, 69, says members will have gone elsewhere by then.’
    run down, tumbledown, ramshackle, broken-down, in disrepair, shabby, battered, rickety, shaky, unsound, crumbling, in ruins, ruined, decayed, decaying, deteriorating, deteriorated, decrepit, worn out
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