Definition of untenably in English:



  • See untenable

    • ‘It rests on an untenably narrow conception of ‘the political’, restricting it to partisan conflict.’
    • ‘In our submission, that gives an untenably wide meaning to ‘profits’.’
    • ‘In less capable hands (like, maybe, his own three years later) these songs would be untenably portentous, but he allows them to breathe with humanity and loads them with some ringer lines to make them likable.’
    • ‘Surrounded by all this civility and fine design, this spectacle is growing untenably intimate, obscene, dangerous.’
    • ‘Could it be that men are afraid that they can't cut it, that women would dump them en masse if they didn't maintain the financial upper hand, making it untenably difficult to raise children without their paycheck?’