Definition of untarnished in English:



  • 1(of metal or metalware) not having lost its lustre.

    • ‘As untarnished silver is the best reflector of light, it was used in ancient times to make mirrors.’
    • ‘The steel blade shimmered as if it were made of untarnished chrome.’
    • ‘Not only has she maintained it, but she has kept it bright and shining, untarnished by time.’
    1. 1.1 Not spoiled or damaged.
      ‘his ministers enjoyed an untarnished reputation’
      • ‘I think many people need to see a bit of imperfection, a touch of corruption, to identify with many politicians - those with untarnished integrity tend to inspire dislike as they seem to uphold a standard others don't think they can meet.’
      • ‘Polls suggest Labour is still trusted on the economy and the chancellor's reputation remains relatively untarnished.’
      • ‘The eagle-eyed may notice that the guns once brandished by the sinister authority figures chasing ET have become walkie talkies but the basic heart and soul of the film remains untarnished by any needless tampering.’
      • ‘I am pleased Opposition members seem to think I am such a threat that they need to damage my untarnished reputation in the House.’
      • ‘There's plenty to see on Horta, a lush volcanic island, on the days you're not at sea, and while untarnished by commercialism, it is extremely cosmopolitan, and the traditional stopover for transatlantic sailors.’
      unsullied, unblemished, untainted, impeccable, undamaged, unspoilt, unimpaired, undefiled, spotless, stainless, intact, perfect, pristine, immaculate, virgin, unharmed, unbroken, unflawed, untouched, unmarked, unaffected
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