Definition of untapped in English:



  • (of a resource) not yet exploited or used.

    ‘the vast untapped potential of individual women and men’
    • ‘This implies that the potential of this untapped resource has yet to be fully realised.’
    • ‘You need look no further than page 38 of this magazine for evidence of this untapped resource's potential.’
    • ‘Namibia is a country full of resources and untapped human potential.’
    • ‘Using these search engines is an untapped resource that should not be overlooked.’
    • ‘Bulgaria has many untapped resources that could potentially lead to the success of the country.’
    • ‘The profession is losing tremendous potential and an untapped market.’
    • ‘It is an untapped market potentially worth millions.’
    • ‘Our trans-Tasman neighbour New Zealand would seem to be a logical and possibly almost untapped market.’
    • ‘The Middle East is an untapped resource of potential MTV converts and the US wants in.’
    • ‘Some in the private sector have identified water as the last great untapped natural resource to be exploited for profit.’
    • ‘A bee that manages to jimmy open a mistletoe bud gets first access to an untapped store.’
    • ‘Aceh is believed to have a huge amount of untapped gas resources.’
    • ‘With the health and fitness market relatively untapped, this leaves room for aggressive growth potential.’
    • ‘Behind the uncertainty of the future of the British Grand Prix is motor racing's desire to exploit untapped markets, notably in China.’
    • ‘With the arrival of the railroad, the logging industry was able to exploit the region's untapped timber wealth.’
    • ‘Academic physics can exploit the untapped resource of its alumnae and alumni in many ways.’
    • ‘There are 85 million Americans in their forties who represent an untapped market for classic soul.’
    • ‘Zambia has no reason to be poor since the country is endowed with natural resources - still untapped.’
    • ‘Until only a few years ago, Sudan's oil reserves represented no more than untapped potential.’
    • ‘The Fool represents the untapped potential in all of us.’
    dormant, quiescent, inactive, unused
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