Definition of untameable in English:


(also untamable)


  • 1(of an animal) not capable of being domesticated.

    ‘an untameable cat’
    • ‘Lions remain stubborn and untameable symbols of a wilderness as rightly unknowable as they themselves are.’
    • ‘Then the gruesome guard threw me into my stall as if I were an untamable beast.’
    • ‘One by one the crowd was released, sometimes rushing like untameable animals, speaking quickly in hurried, excited tones as they offered things to be signed, taking pictures of us and with us.’
    • ‘Over the last century, writers like Rudyard Kipling and moviemakers like Walt Disney have given almost human qualities to what in real life are wild and untamable animals.’
    • ‘Feral cats are born into non-domestic situations and are normally untamable unless they're trapped as kittens.’
    • ‘This is borne out by him in his famous book on Otters, Ring of Bright Water where he writes, ‘They bear as much relation to a domestic cat as a wolf does to a terrier and they are reputedly untameable.’’
    • ‘Where is the horse, the steed that bears the triumphant general, the untamable champion loyal only to the skilled commander, so beloved of great leaders from Alexander to Napoleon?’
    1. 1.1 Not capable of being controlled.
      ‘her untameable mop of thick black hair’
      • ‘In my humble opinion, Adobe Acrobat has become an untamable beast.’
      • ‘Monument Valley's far too wild ever to have been part of the history of American interior colonisation - it is barren, untamable; that's why it was made into a reservation.’
      • ‘Animals may represent the dreamer's instincts or other wild, untameable forces.’
      • ‘He was untamable and completely unpredictable, as though he was driven by an interior violence out of his control.’
      • ‘A project like this, because of the diversity and plethora of people who came and went, people who stayed and blossomed, people who stayed briefly and moved mountains by their presence, is complex and untameable.’
      • ‘Her black hair was no longer wild and untamable.’
      • ‘If you have a particular need - such as untamable carb cravings or severe lethargy - your priorities may be different.’
      • ‘I went off sailing to Africa, just because I wanted the adventure, the untamable challenge of the sea.’
      • ‘It wouldn't be the first time we've overestimated the power of the American idea - and encountered some rough beast that is untameable.’
      • ‘Now, I had to figure out what to do with my evil, cruel, untameable, bird's nest black hair.’
      • ‘Spectators were totally focused on the ebb and flow, but came away with nothing except the feeling that they'd seen something new and untamable.’
      • ‘Her eyes burning furiously like an untamable fire.’
      • ‘Head swimming, life flashing before my eyes, I stumbled home thinking wild and untameable thoughts.’
      • ‘In her naivety, she thought he would always be that untamable boy with no desire to settle down and make a commitment.’
      • ‘But the vast and untamable character of infinity means that, whatever their claims, neither religious nor secular philosophies can offer us a total or exhaustive interpretation.’
      • ‘The wild, untamable canon and the intricate textures of texts have been given back to us after years of being dissected.’
      • ‘What was needed was a man of passion, with a love of trees and wild skies and the untameable surf.’
      • ‘They are participants in the great dance of this wild, untamable world.’