Definition of untalkative in English:



  • Not fond of or given to talking; uncommunicative.

    ‘Joe was shy and untalkative’
    • ‘They may be famously untalkative, but they sure know how to generate a lot of noise.’
    • ‘In my third game, against a mild, socially awkward and untalkative lady, I got quite a way ahead.’
    • ‘So I'm shy and untalkative or at least restrained.’
    • ‘The point of this was just so all those friends of mine who find me untalkative lately know that it has nothing to do with them.’
    • ‘He was funny but we had other places to be, so we left him and his two untalkative mates with their £100 bar bill and went off to pastures new.’
    • ‘He is predictably untalkative and trying oh so hard to be cool.’
    • ‘He was mostly untalkative during the lively conversations, but he listened to the talks with attention.’
    • ‘Chances are that Anna is the same untalkative person in private as she is in public.’
    • ‘Some of the most restrained, untalkative men I've known have been the most communicative.’