Definition of untainted in English:



  • Not contaminated, polluted, or tainted:

    ‘the island remains virtually untainted by commercialism’
    • ‘This busy town-centre cafe is the place for shoppers to catch a bite, and a hang-out for coffee drinkers in a place as yet untainted by the multinational chains.’
    • ‘He still has a Quaker-like faith that if only people could hear the truth, untainted by spin, untrivialised by the media, they would begin to see the light.’
    • ‘While he likes to point out that they are untainted by America's recent record, he makes no secret of the need to complement them with experience.’
    • ‘It was all rather hermetic, as though this were some exhibit of a remote island people, untainted by contact with any other culture.’
    • ‘The public expectation was that a new Scottish Parliament would be untainted by this freeloading culture and would result in a new era of respect for the public purse.’
    • ‘Given how many unsavoury boxers populate the world of boxing, it was great to have a world champion untainted by any scandal - and British to boot.’
    • ‘A Canterbury Tale is a different kind of war story, one that tries to trace backwards to a time untainted by large-scale human bloodshed.’
    • ‘To tourists untainted with even the most superficial knowledge of history, Tuscany lives up magnificently to the hype.’
    • ‘When people think of psychedelic music and prog rock, they think of them as taking you someplace that is cosmic and untainted by anything bad.’
    • ‘He is seen as a man driven by principle, willing to stand up for what he believes in, and untainted by the compromises of everyday politics.’
    • ‘At one time this had an international reputation for accurate reporting, and it was virtually the only source of untainted news for the citizens of many countries.’
    • ‘They were all vigorous leaders, relatively untainted by corruption.’
    • ‘We are independent patriots, unaffiliated with anyone, untainted by any political history.’
    • ‘Other early adopters of the company's produce include black South Africans, who like the fact that the drinks are untainted by any past associations.’
    • ‘He was appointed partly because he was most associated with the previous Conservative government, and therefore untainted by new Labour.’
    • ‘I've managed to remain almost untainted by reality TV shows in fact.’
    • ‘He was young, untainted by failure and bold wielding the willow.’
    • ‘We have become accustomed to regarding the romantic child as an image of unspoiled, untainted perfection.’
    • ‘Other younger, untainted politicians may emerge.’
    • ‘His Honour saw that if conduct is not unprofessional, the practitioner is entitled to an untainted reputation.’
    virtuous, moral, ethical, good, righteous, angelic, saintly, pious, honourable, reputable, wholesome, clean, honest, upright, upstanding, exemplary, above reproach, beyond reproach, irreproachable, innocent
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