Definition of unsystematically in English:



  • See unsystematic

    • ‘Translators are not free to omit or alter anything communicated by the original, either systematically or unsystematically, in deference to feminist or to any other (extra-biblical) dogma.’
    • ‘From his youth he had studied its problems unsystematically; he had a way of going straight to the point in any discussion; and, judged by a literary standard, he was a great master of expository and argumentative prose.’
    • ‘Owing to lack of storage space the 19th-century managers of the Academy unsystematically disposed of some paintings, while others entered the collection through bequests and purchases.’
    • ‘He treats the whole situation cavalierly and unsystematically.’
    • ‘In this work an assortment of lipstick pinks rubbed up against lemon yellows and pale turquoises, different combinations of which were unsystematically repeated up and down the tower.’