Definition of unsymmetrical in English:



  • another term for asymmetrical
    • ‘One of the principal conclusions of this article is that the symmetrical BIA molecules bind to DNA in an unsymmetrical fashion, wherein one aromatic residue intercalates into DNA, whereas the other binds to a groove.’
    • ‘It was clear that the shape of all these peaks was unsymmetrical and the heat capacity changed more rapidly in the higher temperature side.’
    • ‘The domains were relatively symmetric about their long axis but unsymmetrical from the ‘duck's’ nose to its feathery tail.’
    • ‘Males with poorly decorated or unsymmetrical bowers are less desirable mates.’
    • ‘The egotistical Bravo is cursed with a comically unsymmetrical structure: a freakishly long torso on top of Smurf-sized legs.’
    • ‘The symmetry of its economic system rests on some very unsymmetrical myths and illusions.’
    • ‘For presence to turn into influence, the untidy and unsymmetrical details of the relation between a dead writer and a living one must become intense and formal at some point.’
    • ‘Neither one nor the other takes place in isolation; rather, there is an often unsymmetrical interplay between the two places.’
    • ‘As the latest in the long line of animated Disney orphans, she comes equipped with a pair of unsymmetrical eyes and a grating, high-pitched squeal of a voice that pegs her as about the farthest thing possible from likable.’
    • ‘It is quite evident that impounding the dam while it is under construction will cause the symmetrical variation of the pore pressures within the core due to overburden pressure of the fillings changes to unsymmetrical shape.’