Definition of unsweetened in English:



  • (of food or drink) without sugar or a similar substance having been added.

    ‘unsweetened grapefruit juice’
    • ‘Also, water and natural, unsweetened fruit juices help calm stressed-out nerves.’
    • ‘Children exposed to heavily sweetened foods develop a ‘sweet palate,’ but those who take the plunge and take unsweetened drinks may prefer them, which seems a better solution.’
    • ‘We began by melting butter and unsweetened chocolate and sugar and water together.’
    • ‘Eat fruit or drink pure, unsweetened fruit juice only.’
    • ‘Cheese-flavoured biscuits have their origins in medieval cheese tarts and pastries; but the totally plain, unsweetened biscuit for eating with cheese did not come into use until the 18th century.’
    • ‘Also, the calories in juice add up: Sixteen ounces of unsweetened apple juice contains 240 calories and no fiber, while a medium apple has 72 calories and 3.3 grams of fiber.’
    • ‘Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, such as unsweetened fruit juice, cool water or ginger ale that's lost its carbonation.’
    • ‘Brush with unsweetened apple juice concentrate, place on grill screen and turn every 10 minutes until lightly browned and tender.’
    • ‘There are also more mundane suggestions like using cheap shampoo instead of expensive cleansers to remove dirt from shower doors or using unsweetened lemonade Kool-Aid to remove lime and soap scum buildup from your dishwasher.’
    • ‘For breakfast, eat unsweetened cereals and yogurts.’
    • ‘Bringing the composer's tartly individual music to life (a bit like unsweetened lemon juice), they prove, too, an indispensable supplement to this sympathetic and thorough composer portrait.’
    • ‘If they have a habit of eating unsweetened foods from the start they won't want sweet foods later.’
    • ‘The pastel de queso was a pleasantly unsweetened cheese pie.’
    • ‘During the day, drink no-calorie or low-calorie beverages, such as water, unsweetened tea or coffee, and diet soda.’
    • ‘For that reason, unsweetened chocolate is not considered a contributing factor in the development of caries in humans, or in measures of plaque formation, acidity, or enamel demineralization.’
    • ‘Olives, vegetables, legumes, potatoes, rice, unsweetened fruits and gluten-free products are allowed.’
    • ‘Drink at least eight glasses of water, herbal teas and unsweetened fruit juice.’
    • ‘In addition, an unsweetened cereal may encourage children to add their own sugar, bringing unsweetened cereals up to or above the sugar content of cereals like Trix.’
    • ‘Such an establishment may serve unsweetened tea but in such case must also serve sweet tea.’
    • ‘Two to three glasses a day of unsweetened apple cider can help treat kidney and gall bladder stones.’
    sour, sharp, sharp-tasting, tangy, bitter, acid, acidic, zesty, piquant, pungent, strong, harsh, vinegary, lemony, citrus, burning, acrid, acetic
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