Definition of unswathe in English:



[with object]literary
  • Unwrap (someone or something) from several layers of fabric.

    • ‘It was clear to him that this mummy had never been unswathed before.’
    • ‘Its hills may seem bleak, unclothed as they are by acres of trees, uncapped by ice, unswathed by snow.’
    • ‘His statue was unswathed from the veneer by her on 11 th March, 1881 in the Town Hall.’
    • ‘So they unswathed him from the cloth, and saw the grisly wound upon his body.’
    • ‘Sesostris, or Pharaoh Ramses II, whose mummy was unswathed in 1886 by Maspero of the Bulak Museum, and recognised as that of the greatest king of Egypt, whose grandson, Ramses III, was the last king of an ancient kingdom. when not a mere pretence, degenerated but too often into Black Magic.’