Definition of unsustainably in English:



  • See unsustainable

    • ‘America's trade deficit has passed the 5% of GDP that most economists feel is unsustainably high, and is headed to 6%, in part because the import bill has been swollen by high oil prices.’
    • ‘Drought, deregulation, changing world markets and a strong Australian dollar have all combined to create a situation where farmers are receiving unsustainably low milk prices and rising on-farm costs.’
    • ‘A species with an unsustainably small population is grimly referred by scientists as ‘the living dead’.’
    • ‘This dependence produced parasitic governments which irresponsibly and unsustainably sold the vast national resources to the highest international bidder while heavily relying on those gains to run the country.’
    • ‘As the supply of lumber-grade BC trees dwindles due to unsustainably high levels of harvesting by forest companies, residents of BC lumber towns hoped that free-market dynamics would slow the rate of cutting but keep the prices climbing.’