Definition of unsuspecting in English:



  • (of a person or animal) not aware of the presence of danger; feeling no suspicion.

    ‘anti-personnel mines lie in wait for their unsuspecting victims’
    • ‘He is going toward the house where we left the unsuspecting Hero.’
    • ‘In fact, the viewer probably ended up feeling like an unsuspecting lady.’
    • ‘He asked the unsuspecting pensioner if she could find his little sister-who he claimed lived in the area.’
    • ‘Every weekend at clubs, pubs and private homes across the city, they burst in on unsuspecting victims.’
    • ‘Monica cannot bring herself to do this and drives the unsuspecting David to the country to abandon him.’
    • ‘Another, almost stereotypical, one is to place some poor unsuspecting creature in a maze and see if it finds its way out.’
    • ‘In this fantasy sequence, she is hardly, as the Crown insisted, an innocent, unsuspecting victim.’
    • ‘A conman who poses as a policeman has been handing out fake speeding fines to unsuspecting motorists.’
    • ‘It's terrifying both for pedestrians and also unsuspecting drivers who have to approach at a snail's pace.’
    • ‘As more and more unsuspecting people take to the great outdoors, the demands on the team grow.’
    • ‘Thieves have recently targeted unsuspecting victims by showing them a map and asking for directions.’
    • ‘Much of the fun of the game arises from unfortunate bids made by unsuspecting players.’
    • ‘Such signs are just waiting to be wiped out by an unsuspecting motorist, particularly in foggy conditions.’
    • ‘For the unsuspecting Nancy, a somewhat different picture had been painted.’
    • ‘When they were close enough to the unsuspecting woman, they pounced, knocking her to the ground.’
    • ‘Meanwhile this noise pollution continues to fill our ears and empty the pockets of unsuspecting children.’
    • ‘If only they didn't create so many blind spots for the unsuspecting motorist.’
    • ‘The unsuspecting victim would give the directions and continue to his destination.’
    • ‘Hidden speed cameras are clocking unsuspecting drivers in Greater Manchester.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the pose would have been construed as ridiculous had it been of an unwary and unsuspecting adult.’
    unsuspicious, unwary, unaware, unconscious, off guard, ignorant, unknowing, unwitting, oblivious, heedless, unmindful
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