Definition of unsuspectedly in English:



  • See unsuspected

    • ‘To illustrate a concept of subscribing to a car and capturing its personality, the Toyota Aygo unsuspectedly unfolds through a mail slot.’
    • ‘Without this signal, the handlers assume that your application has ended unsuspectedly.’
    • ‘Sometimes people use, maybe unsuspectedly, but certainly earnestly, figures of speech and thoughts pilfered from foreign languages, praising these in a funny way or even in the wrong context.’
    • ‘These criminals are turning to redirecting domain names so that users will unsuspectedly log onto illegitimate sites under hacker control.’
    • ‘Due to slow sedimentation rates and tectonic underplating, surfaces of chert depocenters may however have been underestimated, as is revealed by the unsuspectedly long age ranges of Cordilleran radiolarites.’