Definition of unsuspected in English:



  • 1Not known or thought to exist or be present; not imagined possible.

    ‘the actor displays an unsuspected talent for comedy’
    • ‘‘Even the unsuspected family pet let loose in the countryside can cause great distress to sheep, including pregnant ewes and lambs,’ he said.’
    • ‘They are able to infiltrate friends and family completely unsuspected, and carefully pull off this ridiculous covert operation, until things start to get hairy.’
    • ‘What he suggested in 1859 was that several previously unsuspected small planets existed, orbiting closer to the Sun than Mercury.’
    • ‘The fact, revealed by a post-mortem, that his heart was much diseased - an ailment quite unsuspected during his life - would make it possible that death might in his case ensue from injuries which would not be fatal to a healthy man.’
    • ‘The current data argue strongly that it is also not caused by irregularities incorporated into the tubulin lattice or by the presence of unsuspected subpopulations of microtubules.’
    • ‘I repeat what I wrote in the May issue: ‘He is a historian of great talents, with a gift for illuminating unsuspected aspects of the past.’’
    • ‘Quite frankly, there might one day be an unsuspected benefit from union's decision to end its gentlemen's agreement limiting payments.’
    • ‘It is this key combination of actors that anoints artists, invents audiences, projects unsuspected sources of art from the margins to the centre.’
    • ‘For the gentleman in question, this passion seems to be his ‘one thing,’ yet it too garnered unsuspected consequences; his wife had an affair out of sheer boredom.’
    • ‘Hence, the possibility that the apparatus, for some unsuspected reason, consistently generates 2.7-nm steps seems remote.’
    • ‘This study used the troponin T assay to investigate the frequency of unsuspected cardiac damage among patients presenting with an ischaemic stroke’
    • ‘An exciting new development has emerged in this project, and it serves to establish that those dusty geniuses of early times had other, hitherto unsuspected, talents and insights.’
    • ‘The hepatic excretory defect is mild, stable, and unsuspected until the system is stressed by the presentation of a large load of bilirubin from a bout of intravascular hemolysis or an extensive interstitial hemorrhage.’
    • ‘It is fascinating in a direct and amusing way, has many unsuspected facets and possibilities, it is simple and basic, suits him quite well, and attests to his good taste.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the clinician should be alerted to the possibility of an unsuspected AAT abnormality in liver disease patients manifesting ‘unexplained’ PAS-D inclusions.’
    • ‘A few days before my baby was due, ultrasonography showed a previously unsuspected breech presentation, and attempts to turn the baby were unsuccessful.’
    • ‘A moment of illumination can also reveal unsuspected incongruities as in the conclusion of ‘Ode to Plurality.’’
    • ‘Perhaps most amusingly, my study also showed that a previously unsuspected variable - ‘task-orientation’ - was a good predictor of political party preference.’
    • ‘By such an approach we may not only move astrology forward, but astrology may become a means of leading human thought along new paths, by disclosing interrelationships which are at present unsuspected.’
    • ‘One might say that the presence of an unsuspected dimension leads to consideration of extra information that one had previously ignored.’
  • 2(of a person) not regarded with suspicion.

    • ‘A city waitress hit the headlines this week after serving an unsuspected customer - the Lord of Darkness Himself.’
    • ‘During one of those days, there was an unsuspected visitor.’
    • ‘On a grimmer note, a previously unsuspected enemy - the Soviet Union, now bent on spreading communism worldwide - replaced the foes that had just been vanquished on the battlefield.’
    • ‘It was a perfect day for travelers who were in need of supplies, myself included; but also, it was a perfect day for thieves and bandits to snatch goods and money from unsuspected victims.’
    • ‘She worked at a bank and they paid quite well, and everything was going wonderfully until two unsuspected people pulled a gun while she was at the counter.’