Definition of unsurveyed in English:



  • (of land) not yet examined and recorded on a map, plan, etc.

    ‘there are tracts of rainforest still unsurveyed’
    ‘areas of unsurveyed habitat’
    • ‘Legally all were trespassers, for the land was unsurveyed and the time of Indian occupancy under the treaties had not yet expired.’
    • ‘This still leaves vast tracts of unsurveyed countryside to look at and, no doubt, some important plants waiting to be discovered.’
    • ‘Boundaries have been drawn mostly in the mid-hills and low-lying plains, leaving boundaries in the mountainous areas in both east and west unsurveyed.’
    • ‘Problems such as physical isolation, unsurveyed land, and food and labour shortages impeded initial development and threatened the settlement's survival.’
    • ‘My generation was lucky to start climbing when horizons were wide and there were still unsurveyed areas on maps.’
    • ‘He negotiated a compromise, under which the Penns agreed to taxation of improved lands but not those unsurveyed.’
    • ‘Over the next nine months his party explored and mapped approximately 38,000 miles of hitherto unsurveyed country in western Tibet and Rudok.’
    • ‘A further important measure was the Crown Lands Occupation Act of 1836, which provided for the issuing of occupation licences for pastoral purposes on unsurveyed crown land.’
    • ‘A construction company tearing into unsurveyed land may even destroy unrecognized ancient cities with their bulldozers.’
    • ‘The adjacent waters are "unsurveyed", with numerous reefs not shown on the charts.’