Definition of unsurpassably in English:



  • See unsurpassable

    as submodifier ‘the plump duck confit is unsurpassably tender’
    • ‘This despite the fact that he has been nothing but unsurpassably eloquent and consistent in his views and his opposition to the White House.’
    • ‘The program is led by an unsurpassably talented group of science advisors, whose jobs are much more complex than the program's simple elements might imply.’
    • ‘The argument speaks, therefore, of an unsurpassably great being - of a being whose greatness is not excelled by any being in any world.’
    • ‘Its fruits are unsurpassably pre-eminent, so mighty and so manifold that there is not room enough to receive them.’
    • ‘Pollution combined with sound gives one an unsurpassably compressed expression for ‘noise pollution.’’