Definition of unsurpassable in English:



  • Not able to be exceeded in quality or degree.

    ‘Zurich's pastries and confectioneries are unsurpassable’
    ‘a grammatical error of unsurpassable grossness’
    • ‘Visitors can climb the tower and enjoy an unsurpassable view of the surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘As for New Yorker employees, I do not think that they should be automatically eliminated from consideration just because many are themselves the unsurpassable parody of Prattle.’
    • ‘At least with Mozart there are a substantial number of works of unsurpassable genius rising from the routine mediocrity of about three quarters of his output.’
    • ‘His steadfast belief in an unsurpassable standard of excellence echoes the æsthetic by which he lives.’
    • ‘He managed one Glasgow club in a period when the other was unsurpassable.’
    • ‘Several hallowed records that stood for a generation and more, and long were regarded as unsurpassable, have diminished to footnotes in the annals of the game.’
    • ‘Her natural barriers consist of the sea on one side and an unsurpassable hill on the other.’
    • ‘Treats to look forward to include the Rainy Day wife's famed Irish stew and the Rainy Day mother's unsurpassable smoked haddock chowder.’
    • ‘If the modernist box remains the default form, unsurpassable for its elegance and adaptability, it has also been the spur to some amazingly bold escapes from that orthodoxy.’
    • ‘For those who don't know, he was the unsurpassable genius responsible for the first Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four strips - in other words, one of the greatest visual artists of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘Sitting in the Clydesdale Plaza in Edinburgh, with its unsurpassable view of Edinburgh Castle, he is chipper.’
    • ‘Even in the online age, television proved unsurpassable as news broke of the attacks on the USA.’
    • ‘A man of unsurpassable dignity, he responded by publicly scolding the Leader of the Free World for this cynical attempt to tell a people struggling for its freedom and life what to do.’
    • ‘Hence, not only is the final product exceptionally pleasing aesthetically, it also shows extreme uniformity of fibres, resistant colours and unsurpassable softness, obtained with the use of ultra-light combed yarns.’
    • ‘We passed through channels edged by emerald mountains and snowcapped volcanoes; the starry night skies were unsurpassable.’
    • ‘Possessing the undisputed middleweight title will be an unsurpassable moment to enter retirement, shining a light on all his previous accomplishments and leaving his name to be placed alongside Leonard's in the pantheon of boxing.’
    • ‘I'm sure it had nothing to do with the vast wealth she stood to inherit, her unsurpassable beauty, her exquisitely feminine charm, or even something as shallow as her fine conversational skills and excellent education.’
    • ‘That would have been an unsurpassable violin-piano French programme.’
    • ‘The embellishment and detailed design adorning the interiors and exteriors of the buildings are unsurpassable, the sheer grandeur and contrast of colour leave one in complete amazement.’
    • ‘With all their brightness, supernovae gradually die away as a result of internal explosions of unsurpassable intensity.’
    superb, exquisite, superlative, excellent, wonderful, marvellous, beautiful, sublime, magnificent, idyllic, blissful, utopian
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