Definition of unsureness in English:



  • See unsure

    • ‘There was an unsureness to Michael's intervention, more than just to do with picking the right side.’
    • ‘The impossibility of assigning a ‘final, authoritative meaning’ to Donne's intertwining of love and conquest symptomatically reveals a fundamental unsureness regarding the object of desire.’
    • ‘He says, ‘When I started writing seriously, in 1970, I may have dropped all or most of my mother's ways with words, but I still had her attitudes, her wariness, her unsureness of touch’.’
    • ‘There was a bit of nervousness, a bit of unsureness, and that's not the way I want him to play for us.’
    • ‘True, she did shoot a man, but even that seemingly militant act was marbled with vulnerability and unsureness.’