Definition of unsuppressed in English:



  • Not restrained or repressed.

    ‘the audience were howling with unsuppressed laughter’
    • ‘The wine is best drunk young, unsuppressed by heavy oak ageing.’
    • ‘Sawyer's eyes twinkled with unsuppressed amusement.’
    • ‘There was unsuppressed joy on the other side of the phone line.’
    • ‘He feared that he must forget the rest of what had happened for one of his roommates might read the unsuppressed truth on his face and in his mind.’
    • ‘This brought an unsuppressed hoot of laughter from Judy but she knows it is just Andy through and through.’
    • ‘What the governor of the Bank of England calls the "sober decade" began with unsuppressed smirks of satisfaction.’
    • ‘According to the publishers it will reveal an "authentic and unsuppressed voice, brimming with humour, ideas and opinions, and speaking clearly from the grave as he intended."’
    • ‘The unsuppressed liberty of spirit evident throughout the poems is a tonic and a consolation no matter what tyrannies life imposes.’
    • ‘There is an unfettered, unsuppressed subconscious mind at work in her arrangements.’