Definition of unsupportive in English:



  • Not providing encouragement or emotional help.

    ‘the family environment is unsupportive’
    ‘an unsupportive or absent marital partner’
    • ‘In contrast, the proportion regarded as unsupportive rose from 38% in early 2004 to 41% earlier this year.’
    • ‘Because research shows that divorced parents often interact in unsupportive ways, we also hypothesize that the moderating influence of these indicators of commitment to an identity would be stronger for divorced fathers.’
    • ‘For example the performance, the way the regional government operates under the Governor, is completely unsupportive of the peace process.’
    • ‘To overcome the unsupportive environment and to address the fear of stigmatization, those with HIV, the government and society must collaborate with other parties, he said.’
    • ‘In addition, social networks that are unsupportive of drug abstinence may encourage relapse among those returning home after drug treatment.’
    • ‘The union said the survey showed teachers worked in conditions of ‘continuous low-level harassment, in a climate where senior staff, outside authorities and parents were frequently unsupportive or hostile’.’
    • ‘We moved away from an edifice which was decaying and a local authority which was unsupportive to one which showed a willingness to support what we do on and off the basketball court.’
    • ‘It's not too tough to imagine how a kid who grew up with an unsupportive father and a thuggish grandfather went on to host a show like the ‘Factor.’’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the above is easier said than done, especially since we are students at the University of Waterloo which is known for its antisocial and unsupportive atmosphere.’
    • ‘Some acknowledge that gang affiliation reflects a lack of education, a history of abuse, unsupportive family background or racial marginalization.’
    • ‘We are saddened that City of York Council are so unsupportive of city centre businesses.’
    • ‘Poverty, social inequities, ignorance, sexism, racism, and unsupportive relationships may render a woman virtually powerless to choose freely.’
    • ‘He said: ‘In Scotland I think it is fair to say that already courts are not unsupportive of the idea of using reasonable force.’’
    • ‘A woman sold her wedding rings to raise the money to get to the D.C. auditions, and in an interview said that her husband was unsupportive of her decision.’
    • ‘Their family may seem unsupportive or even shocked, but they should try not to be put off progressing a new relationship.’
    • ‘Her work with visual art and poetry has been done in a constricting and unsupportive vacuum.’
    • ‘What I didn't like was that Bridget's friends come across as shallow and unsupportive.’
    • ‘Matt was very unsupportive of Lea during this whole thing.’
    • ‘My line manager, who was very unsupportive, turned out to be my second bully.’
    • ‘Attention to how Europeans understand the Cold War and its ending might guide us to our alternative narrative and help us understand why Europeans are, on the whole, unsupportive of current American strategy.’