Definition of unsupportable in English:



  • another term for insupportable
    • ‘As we learn more and more about our own animal weaknesses and the way the technologies of persuasion can exploit them, it can seem as if our vaunted autonomy is an unsupportable myth.’
    • ‘The human cost of bio-fuels in terms of the use of arable land for the production of the sugarcane, oats, sunflower seeds and so on for producing those fuels would be unsupportable.’
    • ‘The book offers 752 pages of text, good color plates, unsupportable subjective opinions on just about every page, and a desire to compress everything into a narrative or conceptual scheme of some kind or another.’
    • ‘A grand idea, to be sure, but one that's unsupportable.’
    • ‘His readers make my point by reading his unsupportable claim that leftists are somehow free of vitriol or rancor, then writing in and calling his detractors every name their imaginations can handle.’
    • ‘Although the State governments have made a more serious taxation effort than the Centre through the 1990s, their fiscal situation continues to be under strain, placing an unsupportable strain upon even essential welfare sectors.’
    • ‘A right to self-determination exercised in a way that actually perpetuates welfare dependency, rather than independent self-sufficiency, will eventually come to be seen as unsupportable by the vast majority of citizens.’
    • ‘I know that he was voted down and I believe he was voted down for good reason, not merely because his views were ‘out of the mainstream’ but that they were dangerous to the cause of liberty and wholly unsupportable.’
    • ‘The political differences from then are obvious: in 1977 the Labour government was well on its way to becoming a miserable, unsupportable spectacle with 20 long years in the wilderness.’
    • ‘It says the decision to go to war was based on, quote, ‘unreasonable and largely unsupportable intelligence.’’
    • ‘The rest of the article discusses vague notions of a New England conspiracy to eradicate all opposition and makes unsupportable claims that the South is in a third reconstruction.’
    • ‘Each one was found to be completely unsupportable.’
    • ‘The dominant media simply can't monopolize discourse as they could only a few years ago, and when they take positions that are unsupportable, they get hammered.’
    • ‘In recent years economic realities have led to the agricultural basis for the estate dwindling, so costs for maintaining the properties on the estate are becoming increasingly unsupportable.’
    • ‘Of 15,000 villages in the country, 5,000 were destroyed outright or made economically unsupportable by destruction of all economic resources such as fields, wells or roads.’
    • ‘At the same time, after years of ecstatic expansion, traditional information technology departments found themselves entangled in an unsupportable jumble of disparate and antagonistic systems.’
    • ‘The supreme editor of a news organization can't expect to make unsupportable inflammatory statements and maintain the respect of his truth-seeking troops at the same time.’
    • ‘We've always had confidence in Edwin - it was the action that was unsupportable.’
    • ‘As I've argued, the apparent nobility of this position conceals some lazy and unsupportable assumptions.’
    • ‘However, we are all of us imperfect beings, and punishing the individual for life-style imperfections seems to me to be unsupportable in a civilized society.’