Definition of unsummoned in English:



  • Not summoned.

    ‘these visions appeared, unsummoned’
    • ‘Yet there he was, unexpected, unsummoned, and that could only mean one thing: more trouble, and of a grave kind.’
    • ‘All of Nicole's 911 calls began, after his first unsummoned visit to Rockingham.’
    • ‘Young, handsome men visited my chamber unsummoned.’
    • ‘Your unsummoned presence seems to say that there is such concern among your cryptic senders.’
    • ‘For every guest invited to the state functions and banquets, ten more came unsummoned, watching the living dancing and laughing and enjoying himself or herself.’
    • ‘A pair of strangers arrive, unsummoned, at the home of the dear departed; they sit with his widow long into the night.’
    • ‘Yesterday, my solicitor entered my bed-chamber unsummoned, a presumptuous act for which I once would have had him flayed three times about the court-yard.’