Definition of unsuitably in English:



  • See unsuitable

    • ‘Two good efforts in defeat this season, both on unsuitably softish ground, herald the chances of Top Dirham, who will have conditions to his liking this time.’
    • ‘Much effort has gone into exploring ways in which a science like, say, biology could fit such a model, and it is generally agreed that the model is unsuitably rigid for many Aristotelian sciences.’
    • ‘The recent heavy rain not only made the ground unsuitably soft for me so that my trainer Tim withdrew me from the race but the whole day's racing today at Thirsk was abandoned, with the course waterlogged.’
    • ‘She stayed there for six months, fell unsuitably in love again-this time with a cousin-and was dispatched home; however, she cashed in her air ticket and stopped off in Montreal instead.’
    • ‘It was far from plain sailing for Ouija Board on ground that was unsuitably slow, a track that was unsuitably sharp, and an early pace which was more Sunday League than Premiership.’