Definition of unsubtly in English:



  • See unsubtle

    • ‘Although much of what he has to say is unsubtly crowbarred in at the end of the film, it is enough to ensure that a multitude of thoughts and opinions linger long after the film has ended.’
    • ‘But the point can be made so frequently and unsubtly - and even ham-handedly - by the convention organisers that it frequently assumes something of the character of self-caricature.’
    • ‘On the eve of the vote, an exhibit of Anne Frank memorabilia was brought to town and high school students were asked, unsubtly, to draw parallels to examples of intolerance in their community.’
    • ‘The still-life arrangement of gold and snake on the table somewhat unsubtly prompted the audience to recognize the performance as a tableau vivant in which a process of active but hermetic mental transformation was taking place.’
    • ‘Forget the Parthenon and the Acropolis; these days the Patriot Missile launchers unsubtly stationed across the city are the tourist sites du jour.’