Definition of unsubstantial in English:



  • Having little or no solidity, reality, or factual basis.

    ‘a pretty if unsubstantial cubist composition’
    • ‘Absolutely and there was a not unsubstantial minority within the party that felt that this was nothing that the Greens should have accepted and should have agreed to, and they felt betrayed by their leadership.’
    • ‘It would seem therefore with the new visa policy, Indonesia is likely to lose the majority of my annual spending; not a lot individually but I am sure there are many others in similar situations and the total loss will not be unsubstantial.’
    • ‘Not only were the figures’ words vague but they were also unsubstantial, confusing and pointless.’
    • ‘I think she's like her husband in that she can absorb a lot of information and then come through with very glib unsubstantial notions that don't work.’
    • ‘It is also refers to unsubstantial talk or writing.’
    • ‘I quite agree, except I chose to hide behind my facade of dyed hair and unnatural lashes while pretending to not understand and therefore was spared the embarrassment of giving my unsubstantial opinions.’
    • ‘We throw around concepts, but often our thoughts are vague and unsubstantial.’
    • ‘It's a waste of calories in an unsubstantial meal.’
    • ‘When I was in Bombay, I read the TOI and for me, what it gives is not news: I found the newspaper unsubstantial and slightly frivolous.’
    • ‘Public opinion has also been critical of the Annual Session and its unsubstantial agenda.’
    • ‘It is precisely this form of unsubstantial surface democracy of neoliberal politics that the author the original article attempts to point toward.’
    • ‘Reality in this world seemed so strange, inconsistent and unsubstantial to him as he felt confusion welling inside him.’
    • ‘Their sound has become insipid and unsubstantial.’
    • ‘This scenario was as unsubstantial as most of the claims made by campaign groups about the potential danger that anthrax could be easily used as a bio-weapon.’
    • ‘Cute, no doubt, but fairly unsubstantial, considering this small feature is the only content that directly relates to the film itself on the DVD.’
    • ‘A film director, according to this thinking, selects a ‘challenging’ work out of a box from which he or she might just as well choose something frothy and unsubstantial.’
    • ‘Shaw was often criticized for writing plays full of unsubstantial, if witty, banter.’
    • ‘Occassionally the formula slips into pure atmosphere and unsubstantial blur, but on the bulk of the tracks this is a slow-swinging, quietly edgy experiment from a multi-talented fusioneer.’
    • ‘In comparison, I seemed small and unsubstantial.’
    • ‘Yet, it would be easy to dismiss this collection of poetic blues/folk for something totally unsubstantial.’
    unreal, non-existent, fictional, fictitious, pretend, make-believe, mythical, mythological, legendary, storybook, fanciful, fantastic
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