Definition of unstudiedly in English:



  • See unstudied

    • ‘The musical director was recently married and is not to be led astray by fans in awe of his unstudiedly casual onstage outfits.’
    • ‘I had nowhere near the poise and social grace of this girl, nor her sweetness and sense of humor, nor her unstudiedly cute hair and subtle makeup.’
    • ‘I feel uneasy when Cicero speaks of using the purple paint: although I can make my VDU show purple words, I cannot write purple prose myself, because it just does not fit the spirit of the age, the only acceptable colours being those that occur unstudiedly in the iridescence of a fast flowing stream.’
    • ‘They sport the most sinful bodies, the least tainted (although this might be disputed) minds and are quite generally unstudiedly natural, despite the fact that they could easily pass for super-models.’
    • ‘It is all so simple, and so unstudiedly natural.’