Definition of unstudied in English:



  • Not laboured or artificial; natural.

    ‘she had an unstudied grace in every step’
    • ‘That feeling is due not just to her unstudied vocal freedom but also to the work of her well-chosen collaborators.’
    • ‘The service is flawless; and every employee you pass in the corridor greets you with the unstudied politeness that is the hallmark of a great hotel.’
    • ‘They were innocent, unstudied, and affectionate.’
    • ‘His flawless singing is accentuated by the unstudied gestures of a natural performer.’
    • ‘Her patrician bearing and light, unstudied style of vocal delivery make her the perfect embodiment of natural sophistication, but there's a warmth to her that makes us believe she's a nice kid underneath.’
    • ‘A ‘show-girl’ may be lovely to look at as she stands in a seemingly unstudied position and in perfect clothes.’
    • ‘The art is made in shaky, unstudied pencil that disarms the sordid imagery, and the juvenile captions each picture faces are too wet with angst to be truly disturbing.’
    • ‘However, while the ideas expressed in these interviews may lack the benefits of hindsight, they do not come across as offhanded or unstudied.’
    • ‘Even if your favorite plants aren't traditionally used in cottage gardens, don't assume that they won't work; the trick is to use multiple varieties and plant them for an unstudied effect.’
    • ‘Still, one can't underestimate the nuance in Coogan's performance, that sense of unstudied naturalism that couldn't have been coached.’
    • ‘Eventually we began scoring the proportion of flies in the remaining unstudied lines that successfully caught themselves on the baffles.’
    • ‘He brought a strong, unstudied and remarkably fresh kind of romanticism to veils of darkness as well as sheets of summer rain or winter sleet.’
    • ‘The prejudicial views of their contemporaries are only an unstudied, unnatural, and temporary aberration.’
    natural, unlaboured, easy, unaffected, unforced, uncontrived, unmannered, unstilted, unpretentious, without airs, artless, guileless, informal, casual, nonchalant, spontaneous, impromptu, ad lib
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