Definition of unstructured in English:



  • 1Without formal organization or structure.

    ‘an unstructured interview’
    • ‘Behaviours at interview play a major part in determining the outcome of the job attainment process, for example nonverbal behaviours in unstructured interviews.’
    • ‘Her data gathering tools included a combination of structured and unstructured interviews and direction observations.’
    • ‘Taxonomies, used in conjunction with company ontologies, have proven to be a highly efficient structure for organizing structured and unstructured content.’
    • ‘Corporate recruiters and large companies maintain their own databases of job candidates, including unstructured data such as interview notes.’
    • ‘The format permits structured and unstructured time to explore common ground and forge shared solutions to tough challenges.’
    • ‘Spatially structured populations differ from unstructured populations in the probability of fixation and the time that this fixation takes.’
    • ‘Harvard is a school where students tend to maximize every waking hour both in and out of the classroom and have little time for the kind of unstructured amusement that passes for fun in most other places.’
    • ‘Children's psychiatric diagnoses were based on all data supplied by the parents and children independently as well as unstructured interviews with the children.’
    • ‘The methods of data collection for the study were participant observation and unstructured interviews carried out between May 1995 and May 1997.’
    • ‘The original idea for the focus group - the focused interview - was that people who were known to have had a certain experience could be interviewed in a relatively unstructured way about that experience.’
    • ‘Depending on the sophistication of the application this can include structured as well as unstructured content.’
    • ‘Managing both structured and unstructured documents, portals pull from a variety of data sources.’
    • ‘Some college officials see the contradiction inherent in their new efforts to offset stress and encourage the joys of reflection and unstructured time.’
    • ‘There are five times as much unstructured as structured, but we rarely manage it.’
    • ‘LSI is more close to human-generated taxonomies and categorization and takes a long step in structuring unstructured data.’
    • ‘Interviews can either be structured or unstructured.’
    • ‘The reason lies in the differences between structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.’
    • ‘My sister was trying to plan her day tomorrow, because she has no plans for once and she starts climbing the walls after about 10 minutes of unstructured activity.’
    • ‘Some interviews were unstructured, when we really sat down to talk only about reindeer herding, but I knew I could come back the day after if something was unclear.’
    • ‘It is an ingrained ability to operate very well at the small group level on frequently unstructured problems in relatively low-tempo environments.’
  • 2(of a garment) made with little or no interfacing or other material which would give definition to its shape.

    • ‘It also has unlined, unstructured silk evening coats and jackets in vibrant colours.’
    • ‘For a skirt or unstructured jacket, I would soak the fabric in the tub in cool water, and then hang it up to dry over the shower rail, without squeezing it out.’
    • ‘The Rossetti woman rebels against Victorian convention, her unpinned hair and unstructured medieval gown flowing with lyrical freedom.’
    • ‘Loose and unstructured, the shapes will suit many body types and eliminate many alteration problems.’
    • ‘Birt, a revolutionary technocrat who related ambiguously to artists, sent out conciliatory messages with his famously unstructured Armani suits.’
    • ‘I dressed in my best: tight black Levi's, a black Calvin Klein T-shirt, and an unstructured Armani sport coat.’
    • ‘Her fluid silhouettes, unstructured coats and openweave knitted tops intend to flatter the female form with key pieces defined in hand painted patterns.’
    • ‘We are talking about the soft, unstructured Chanelesque tweed jacket, crucially updated with the raggedy edge that shoved it into the 21st century.’
    • ‘The pants are wide legged and the jacket is unstructured single breasted.’
    • ‘Simple unstructured play materials, an available and willing adult and plenty of imagination provide far more delight and enjoyment than elaborate electronic toys.’
    • ‘The 531 is an unstructured garment-washed cotton twill cap with a double sandwich visor to complement any logo.’
    vague, indefinite, unspecific, unclear, obscure, nebulous, indistinct, some kind of
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