Definition of unstreamed in English:



  • (of schoolchildren, a class, or a school) not arranged in streams.

    ‘an unstreamed class’
    • ‘The advanced students in the streamed schools did do better than those in unstreamed schools, but the low stream did worse.’
    • ‘Best practice means a mix of unstreamed classes and an uncompetitive atmosphere.’
    • ‘But for the last 35 years the schools have been open to all, free and unstreamed.’
    • ‘It has also been used in modified form for unstreamed Year 9 and Year 10 classes.’
    • ‘We taught in unstreamed groups (that is, the kids weren't divided into classes according to ability), so, I arrogantly felt, the results would be proof perfect of the greater effectiveness of modern teaching methods.’
    • ‘In my experience of teaching in both streamed and unstreamed situations over 35 years, it is not necessarily the actual streaming that does the harm, but the wrong teacher for the group.’
    • ‘Julia was time tabled to take Norma's unstreamed year 8 class for English first period.’