Definition of unstopper in English:



[with object]
  • Remove the stopper from (a bottle or other container)

    ‘he unstoppered the jar’
    • ‘She unstoppered it and to her surprise it was full.’
    • ‘He pulled a bottle from his robes and unstoppered it, passing the opening under his nose for a few seconds.’
    • ‘He unstoppered the bottle, and froze, as the fumes from it hit him.’
    • ‘The fey queen took it, and when she unstoppered the bottle, a scent as of honey, beautiful as dew on roses, filled the airy chamber.’
    • ‘He could feel the clammy touch of water or mud soaking through his trousers as he held the bowl between his knees and unstoppered the flask.’
    • ‘He unstoppered the flask and poured a minute amount into a glass standing by the bedside, then added pure water.’
    • ‘She ignored the tension of his frame as she carefully unstoppered a water bottle and brought it to his lips.’