Definition of unstop in English:



[with object]
  • 1Free (something) from obstruction.

    ‘he must unstop the sink’
    • ‘The horrors of apartheid flowed through them-but now the mask is off, and stories flow ‘like water from an unstopped faucet.’’
    • ‘Divination is an even more straightforward transaction; like paying a plumber for unstopping a sink, we pay a reader for forecasting events.’
    • ‘Returning as was her wont, she then commanded the same child that had stopped the hole to unstop it, whereupon the lad regained his sight.’
    • ‘This means that the tenant must clean the premises, mend the electric light if it is fused, unstop blocked sinks and generally do the little jobs about the place which a reasonable tenant would do.’
    • ‘‘Well, he likes to talk a good game,’ he replied, his rolling voice picked by staccato clearings of his throat; it was like an unstopped faucet and had to be cleared frequently.’
    1. 1.1 Remove the stopper from (a bottle or other container).
      • ‘Most of the bottles had come unstopped, and there was now a large, pungent puddle on the carpet.’
      • ‘‘Those were not normal bats,’ she spoke as she unstopped an elixir and drained it.’
      • ‘‘Good afternoon highness,’ the maid briskly said as she unstopped one of the bottles and lifted the tumbler.’’
      • ‘Christina unstopped the small bottle and read the label.’
      • ‘In this procedure each bone was put in an unstopped vial filled with deionized water and all air removed.’
      • ‘She saw a flask hovering to one side and reached for it weakly, finding that it was already unstopped.’
      unblock, unclog
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