Definition of unstitch in English:



[with object]
  • Undo the stitches of.

    ‘she has unstitched my blinds’
    • ‘The jeans were then unstitched, stretched over frames, and hand painted by one of Japan's top kimono artists.’
    • ‘With the heat going out of the economy, many half-completed deals are being unstitched because their profit forecasts are being downgraded.’
    • ‘This multicultural ‘synthesis’ is actually unsynthetic, insofar as the fabric, by showing its seams, instructs you how to unstitch it.’
    • ‘The tariffs may spark a trade war that could unstitch Britain's special relationship with the US or leave him looking like an economic poodle of the American president.’
    • ‘Not only did the ‘big new contract’ not emerge, yet, but an old, small one which was signed in 1997 has been unstitched.’
    • ‘On the opening night we had a little extra ‘fun’ when some ribbon on her tutu slowly came unstitched during the opening movement.’
    • ‘The Ihram, the two unstitched pieces of white cloth that replace dress for men, reminds us of the burial shroud.’
    • ‘There have been 300 Victorian CWA branches busy making the blanket, and lots of wool has been used, which after today will be unstitched so the 400 individual blankets can be given out to provide relief this winter.’
    • ‘She spent hours unstitching second-hand clothes sent to them by another brother Richard.’
    • ‘Here various design moves unfold: nothing is what it seems, complexity unstitches singularity.’
    • ‘Then, when the garment was dirty, it was unstitched, the cloth washed, boiled and starched and then it was all sewed up again!’