Definition of unstirred in English:



  • Not moved, agitated, or stirred.

    ‘waters that are ice-covered remain unstirred by wind’
    • ‘A poetaster's aesthetic feathers had been ruffled, but his humanity, anemic and amoral, had remained unstirred, somnolent, and moribund.’
    • ‘I know it is possible to mix these cakes in the tin, but I never do, because I like the ritual of lining a cake tin and I'm also worried I'm not going to mix properly and there'll be a big lump of unstirred flour in there when I take it out.’
    • ‘First, any molecule present in the vessel lumen will have to negotiate a very thick, largely unstirred surface layer far beyond the distances conventionally assumed.’
    • ‘Root segments fixed to the probe were bathed in aerated nutrient solution (the same composition as that used for growth in hydroponic culture) which circulated along the roots to avoid problems with external unstirred layers.’
    • ‘Vapour concentrations within these unstirred layers depend on the vapour pressure of the compound in question and on its affinity to the lipoid surface layers of the leaf (cuticular waxes, cutin).’
    • ‘These augmented concentrations of CO 2 can be expected to support some photosynthesis but are not sufficiently large to compensate for the suppressing effects of slow diffusion and unstirred boundary layers.’
    • ‘Ostensibly straightforward, this method is subject to major artifacts, including an inability to control, or adequately account for, the unstirred layer of fluid adherent to the outer surfaces of the filters.’
    • ‘Root segments fixed to the probe were bathed in nutrient solution circulated along the roots to avoid problems with unstirred layers.’
    • ‘Carlos would like nothing more than to go to Idaho and live in a cabin and swim beneath the sky each morning in some glacial tarn, a pond so cold and clean and unstirred it would stop his heart just to step into it.’
    • ‘The half-life times of sugar exchange with the central capsule are three orders of magnitude larger than half-life times expected for their diffusional exchange with a spherical equivalent volume of unstirred water.’
    • ‘Magnetic stirring was used in both electrode chambers to achieve homogeneous mixing of the solution and to avoid unstirred water layers attaching to the membrane.’
    • ‘A small pump was employed to mix the external solution in order to equalize the distribution of HDO in the external medium and to minimize the thickness of the unstirred layers.’
    • ‘Since simple diffusion of the vesicles seems unlikely to vary greatly with their charge, this early stage probably represents some process other than simple transport across an unstirred layer.’
    • ‘In addition, the observed delay times ranged from 8 to 60 s; these delay times are much longer than the time it takes for diffusion through the unstirred layer in these chambers.’
    • ‘Likewise, an intense microcirculation of intestinal contents across the mucosal surface must occur, for the stirring of the unstirred layer at this surface is essential for the optimal absorption of nutrients.’
    • ‘Since diffusion through this layer is the rate-limiting step in the intestinal absorption of many nutrients, the mucosal muscle, by stirring this otherwise unstirred layer of fluid, may have a critical place in nutrition.’
    • ‘This minimized the thickness of external unstirred layers.’
    • ‘It is possible that depolarization forces internal polyamines through the pore, where they might accumulate in an unstirred extracellular space, blocking the channel during the measurement of inward conductance.’
    • ‘This metaphor represents the miracle of creation, bringing the world into being as a multiplicity out of the stillness of an unstirred sleep.’
    • ‘The unstirred layer in a well-mixed solution is reported to be around 10 m, while in more natural conditions or around bulky organs the unstirred layer can vary between 20-500 m.’
    unaffected, untouched, unimpressed, unperturbed, unruffled, untroubled, undismayed, unworried
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