Definition of unstinted in English:



  • Given without restraint; liberal.

    ‘they received unstinted praise’
    • ‘It enjoys the unswerving loyalty of natives and the unstinted praise of visitors.’
    • ‘When not playing cricket, you can find him home, attending to his parents, receiving visitors, acknowledging the affection that comes his way unstinted from fans and well-wishers.’
    • ‘American religious liberty, American tolerance of open-mindedness, and American social action were among the few aspects of American life for which he retained an unstinted respect.’
    • ‘Northern Alliance may have tried to return its due to India for its continued and unstinted support.’
    • ‘I never did a niceish picture without a letter from him, warm-hearted and unstinted in praise.’
    • ‘Such sentiments, such unstinted support, provided the medium and mechanism for the growth and survival of Stalinism.’
    • ‘Their unstinted co-operation played a vital role in helping us tide over the crisis.’
    • ‘His unstinted endeavours is the reason behind the birth of a number of institutions in Tamil Nadu Forest Department today.’
    • ‘The former President's "sunshine" policy of engaging North Korea through unstinted economic aid remarkably improved relations between Seoul and Pyongyang.’
    • ‘I acknowledge the enthusiasm and unstinted support of railwaymen without whose dedicated efforts the creditable achievements of the Railways would not have been possible.’
    • ‘A good deal of credit for my success goes to his unstinted support and encouragement’.’
    • ‘The Organising Committee lost no time in giving this historic landmark unstinted attention.’
    • ‘Nothing is impossible with unstinted team effort.’
    • ‘Sports in general since then has made much headway thanks to those who worked hard for its development in rural districts and thanks to the unstinted efforts made by the present Minister of Sports S.B. Dissanayake at grassroot level.’
    • ‘Her chief excellence as a novelist was her loving depiction of life in large families, particularly sibling relationships, presented with convincing dialogue and unstinted incident.’
    • ‘The Minister of Tourism and Sports said at a recent media briefing, that he received unstinted support at the Parliamentary budget debate when it came for discussion about his ministry.’
    • ‘The plaudits of the great audience which assembled on Monday night at the Grand, as one after another well-known competitor or official were recognised on the screen, were unstinted.’
    • ‘Astoundingly though, the ‘dark continent’, despite owning unstinted human and natural resources, has been the home for poverty, hunger, ignorance and disease.’
    • ‘Declining to take full credit for himself, he attributes the success of the programme to the unstinted support from a motivated army of Rotarians and the government.’
    • ‘He, the doughty champion of justice for himself, spoke as if his cabinet superiors, his ministerial colleagues and fellow parliamentarians were all offering unstinted support for his staying on in Government.’
    lavish, liberal, generous, magnanimous, open-handed, munificent, bountiful
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