Definition of unstimulated in English:



  • Not having been stimulated.

    ‘sci-fi fans will remain unstimulated by the film’
    • ‘The increased Na + absorption is reflected in an increase in resting unstimulated PD, together with an increased response to the Na + channel blocker amiloride.’
    • ‘Twenty-four-hour unstimulated BM lymphocyte cultures were set up and harvested using standard procedures.’
    • ‘Compared with unstimulated cells, luciferase activity was threefold higher after stimulation with sarcoid ELF.’
    • ‘When the nerve is unstimulated, the diaphragm relaxes and the air is expelled.’
    • ‘Sci-fi fans will remain unstimulated.’
    • ‘Concentrations of 100 nM and above brought the fluorescence to similar values relative to the unstimulated level.’
    • ‘For growth measurements, data from stimulated and unstimulated controls did not differ and were combined for each genotype.’
    • ‘The test was used to compare the number of apoptotic cells in unstimulated versus stimulated lymphocytes.’
    • ‘Nothing changed in the unstimulated control group.’
    • ‘Trepanation, they say, is the cure for the unstimulated adult brain.’
    • ‘The pattern of DNA fragmentation is qualitatively the same in both stimulated and unstimulated cells.’
    • ‘This linear relationship is remarkably similar for unstimulated and TNF-Î-stimulated endothelial cells.’
    • ‘In unstimulated cells, the refractory period would take ~ 1-2 s and is prolonged by a repellent stimulus.’
    • ‘The frequency distribution of run-lengths of unstimulated cells exhibits an asymmetric characteristic.’
    • ‘The observed fusion events occurred on the second timescale, a trait similar to the physiological fusion rate in unstimulated neurons.’
    • ‘Thus, activated T cells treated with a variety of photosensitizing agents consistently exhibit an increased sensitivity to PDT relative to T cells in an unstimulated state.’
    • ‘In the unstimulated (basal) state, 70 percent of saliva is secreted by the submandibular and sublingual glands.’
    • ‘To summarize, metaphase spreads were made from a 24-hour, unstimulated cell culture and were G-banded by the standard trypsin-Giemsa banding method.’
    • ‘Curvature of unstimulated controls was not significantly different from zero for any genotype.’
    • ‘Growth rate data from stimulated and unstimulated seedlings were not significantly different and were therefore combined to evaluate differences between genotypes.’