Definition of unstarched in English:



  • (especially of fabric or clothing) not starched.

    • ‘He is wearing it with a soft unstarched falling collar.’
    • ‘True, but one seems to look less professional when wearing a non-crisp, unstarched uniform while wearing a misshapen beret.’
    • ‘Herr Mack had his unstarched shirt front on as usual, with the diamond stud.’
    • ‘These were unstarched shirts, with an opening either on the shoulder or down the front of the garment.’
    • ‘This task consisted of ironing all the unstarched portions of the shirts.’
    • ‘If you'd like to bring something other than a tee shirt, the fabric should be thin enough to knot easily, and it should also be washed, white, all cotton and completely unstarched.’
    • ‘He made it out of cotton pique, with an unstarched collar, a longer back, and, crucially, short sleeves.’
    • ‘Colorfast and washable items should be washed and stored unironed, unstarched and unblued.’
    • ‘According to the records of the directors, the machine was able to dry one piece of starched clothing in two hours, but it took only one hour to finish drying one unstarched piece.’